Posted by: wahyukdephut | March 7, 2016

Standard Methods for Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Forests and Peatlands in Indonesia (Version 2)

Authors :
Haruni Krisnawati, Rinaldi Imanuddin, Wahyu Catur Adinugroho, Silver Hutabarat

© 2015 Ministry of Environment and Forestry
Research, Development and Innovation Agency

ISBN: 978-979-8452-65-9

cover standart methods phase 2Abstract :

The standard methods describe the approach and methods used for data collation, data analysis, quality control, quality assurance, modelling and reporting of GHG emissions and removals. Use of the standard methods ensures consistent methods are applied for every forest land sector GHG inventory conducted, regardless of the geographic or temporal coverage. The standard methods include: initial conditions, forest growth and turnover, forest management events and regimes, forest cover change, spatial allocation of regimes, peatland GHG emissions, data integration and reporting.

This second version of the standard methods describes the methods, assumptions and data inputs used to estimate GHG emissions and removals for all provinces in Indonesia as part of the inaugural national GHG inventory using the INCAS. The standard methods should be updated as new data and technology become available, ensuring the continuous improvement of INCAS.

downloaded : INCAS – Standard Methods – Version 2_en_web


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