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Authors : Haruni Krisnawati*, Wahyu C. Adinugroho and Rinaldi Imanuddin

Research and Development Center for Conservation and Rehabilitation,
Forestry Research and Development Agency, Bogor, Indonesia


Many studies on aboveground living biomass and carbon stock in tropical forests have beenccarried out, either measured directly based on destructive sampling in experimental plots or estimated based on forest inventory data. However, most of these studies focused on the estimation of forest biomass and carbon stock at one occasion. Forest biomass and carbon stock may be dynamic and changes occur continuously throughout time due to loss of biomass during deforestation and forest degradation as well as accumulation of biomass during re-growth of forests. This study aimed to estimate the dynamic of aboveground carbon stock in peat swamp forest using forest inventory data from permanent sample plots established in Jambi, Indonesia. Inventory data collected from sixteen Permanent Sample Plots (100 m x 100 m each) which have been selectively logged and measured annually for 5 years were used to estimate the dynamic of aboveground carbon stock of the peat swamp forest. All woody plants of at least 10 cm dbh were identified for species and measured for both dbh and total tree height. The dead and newly recruited trees were recorded at each measurement time. Overall, the aboveground carbon stock of all species in the plots increased although in several plots showed loss of biomass due to mortality. The increase of carbon stock may be attributed to the high rate of recruitment and growth of some species. The mean annual increment of carbon stock was 3.27 Mg C ha-1 yr-1. There was a significant logarithmic relationship between the aboveground carbon stock and its annual increment. This relationship could be applied to estimate the carbon stock change of the peat swamp forest in the study site.

Keywords: biomass, carbon stock, stand structure, dynamic, peatland.

Proceedings of International Symposium on Wild Fire and Carbon Management in Peat-Forest in Indonesia 2012

full text download : Dynamic peat swamp forest_Proceeding JST-JICA Symposium, Bogor 2012



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