Posted by: wahyukdephut | February 13, 2014

Assessment of allometric equations for estimating aboveground tree biomass in Indonesian tropical forests

Authors: Haruni Krisnawati, Wahyu C. Adinugroho, Rinaldi Imanuddin

Research and Development Center for Conservation and Rehabilitation, Forestry Research and Development Agency, Bogor, Indonesia


A capability for biomass accounting is required to assess the condition of forest ecosystem, to understand the dynamics of organic matter cycling in the forest, and to predict carbon sequestration and potential impacts resulting from climate change and land use change. The accuracy of biomass estimates can be improved by applying allometric equations which relate biomass with easily measured variables. In this study, we examined species- and site-specific allometric equations to predict aboveground tree biomass developed for several tree species and ecosystem types in Indonesia. There was a high variation of tree biomass estimates among forest ecosystem types. A variety in tree biomass estimates was also found within ecosystem type and individual species among sites. The reliability of biomass estimates will increase with an increase in level of site specificity of allometric equations used to convert site-level forest inventory data into biomass. Application of the species- and site-specific allometric equations should enable more accurate estimates of biomass and carbon sequestration in Indonesian forests. These results will support the national carbon accounting system necessary in the development of REDD+ strategies for climate change mitigation and will encourage transparency and consistency in the estimation of greenhouse gas emissions for the land-based sector.

Keywords: allometry, aboveground biomass, carbon accounting, climate change, tropical forest.

Forest Biomass Conference 2013, 7-9 October 2013, Mierzęcin, Poland


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