Posted by: wahyukdephut | September 12, 2013

Allometric Models for Estimating Biomass and Carbon Accumulation in Mangrove Forest


Haruni Krisnawati, Wahyu C. Adinugroho, Rinaldi Imanuddin, I Wayan S Dharmawan


Mangrove forests are widely recognized as one of the most important and productive ecosystems in the tropics. However, this type of ecosystem is highly vulnerable to both climate change and land use change. Managing mangrove forest ecosystem requires information necessary to understand and predict changes in ecosystem structure and function. Accurate estimates of the amount of biomass are important to describe the current status of mangroves, to understand the dynamic of organic matter cycling in the mangroves, and to predict carbon sequestration and potential impacts of both climate change and land use change. The estimates of biomass and carbon storage can be improved through applying allometric models. In this study, we examined species-and site-specific allometric models to predict aboveground biomass and carbon storage developed at several sites of mangrove forest in Indonesia. There was a high variation of tree biomass estimates between the mangrove forest ecosystems. A variety in tree biomass estimates was also found for individual species among sites. The reliability of the biomass and carbon stock estimates will increase with the increase in level of site specificity of allometric models that are used to convert site-level forest inventory data into biomass. The species and site-specific allometric models presented here should enable more accurate estimates of biomass and carbon sequestration in Indonesia mangrove forets.

Mainstreaming Mangroves : Proceedings of Regional Symposium on Mangrove Ecosystem Management in South East Asia, Feb 27 – Mar 1, 2013, Surabaya, Indonesia

download full paper : Allometric models for estimating biomass and carbon accumulation in mangrove forest



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