Posted by: wahyukdephut | March 27, 2012


Wahyu Catur Adinugroho , Andry Indrawan , Supriyanto, Hadi Susilo Arifin


Mix-garden and home-garden are type of vegetation covers has been found in the upstream of Kali Bekasi watershed. Mix-garden and home-garden, the oldest forms of managed land use with agroforestry system in Indonesia. CO2 sequestration by the presence of vegetation in a landscape is substantial mitigation of climate change. It creates a low carbon society that is needed to get appreciation in environmental services. The objective of study is to analyze structure and species diversity of stands, its carbon stocks in the agroforestry system as well as their correlation in the upstream of Kali Bekasi watershed. Seventy-one observation plots were established in the study site, which were laid out on the upstream of watershed. They are representing upper, middle and lower parts of the site. Estimation of carbon stocks was calculated by using non-destructive sampling method using the existing allometric equations. The results of vegetation analysis showed that the level of Shannon-index was low until high, 1,44 and 3,36 respectively. These species were identified to have high carbon sinks, which is potential to increase carbon stocks and biodiversity conservation. Stand structure in the agroforestry mix-garden system in the upstream of Kali Bekasi watershed was found closely to natural forest structure. It produced 62,34 tons/ha Carbon stock or equivalent to 228,79 tons/ha of CO2 uptake. Stand in home-garden system produced 43,35 tons/ha Carbon stock or equivalent to 159,10 tons/ha of CO2 uptake. Carbon stocks in agroforestry system were highly related to the basal areas, but stand density and species diversity has lower correlation to carbon stocks.

Keywords: agroforestry system, CO2 sequestration, correlation, non-destructive sampling method, Shannon-index

Presented on APN 17th Inter-Governmental Meeting Networking Session,
Shangri Lal Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia, 12th-16th March, 2012


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